Spring is Here!!
& Our Patio is Open

Come enjoy cookies, shakes, ice cream & more!


Cookie Spin desserts our made with the finest ingredients and assembled with culinary passion and precision.


We taste with our eyes first.  Our treats look as good as they taste – PERFECT!!


You won’t find our deep dish cookies anywhere else.  We are always coming up with new innovative flavors and combinations!

It’s these three principles combined with our personalized service that offer you the best dessert experience imaginable!

Cookie Spin History

After two years of specializing in event catering, Cookie Spin is the retail bakery shop presented by Innovative Indulgences.  In addition to the famous “Deep Dish Cookies,” Cookie Spin will also serve ice cream, cookie milkshakes, extravagant sundaes, smoothies, coffee, and even more delicious pastry items!

We have long dreamed of bringing our delicious products to a storefront location where they are available year round to enjoy.  With that, we will continue to offer our unparalleled Warm Cookie Sundae Bar for event catering.  We also feature seasonal and specialty items every day at our storefront location.  Please stop by and see all the delicious treats Cookie Spin has to offer!

A Note From Our Owner

Since I was a child, I have always loved baking and possessed a desire for being in the kitchen. My first experience with baking took place at two years old when my grandmother had me knead the dough she would use to make calzones for Easter. It was her and my mother that instilled a passion for baking within me and taught me their “old school” Italian tricks in the kitchen. Over time, I grew more and more comfortable in the kitchen, to the point where I began taking over the baking duties on holidays and family gatherings. I began working in the catering industry at 18 years old, and fell even more in love with the food world. With that, I became more experimental in the kitchen, construing different concepts and combinations in my head, and then creating them for people to try. It was this process that allowed for me to come up with our original dessert: the “deep dish cookie,” and all subsequent desserts, including the “Bake Shake” and “Lava Layer Smoothies.” I come up with new ideas and elaborate combinations every day, and continue testing them upon anyone that will give them a try.

Our shop is located in the Northcenter neighborhood of Chicago, and that’s where the magic happens! I take great pride in the products I have created, and hope that all who taste my creations find them as satisfying as I do. I love baking, I love the process, and I know you will love my indulgent treats!

-Joe Lamondi
Owner/Designer Cookie Spin

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