Indulgent Ice Cream

Ice cream like you’ve never seen before, divine smoothies, sinful shakes, & sundaes to die for.

Our Flavors

Cookie Spins super-premium ice cream is provided by the Chocolate Shoppe in Madison Wisconsin.  Famous for their incredibly creamy and indulgent flavors, Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream has been making super-premium ice cream batch by batch since 1962.

Old Fashioned Vanilla

Zanzibar Chocolate

Cookie Dough

Ultimate Oreo

Birthday Cake

Exhausted Parent

Butter Pecan

This Just Got Serious


Munchie Madness

Mint Avalanche

Fat Elvis

Bang! Iced Latte-Da

Blue Moon

Brownie Cascade

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang


Peanut Butter Cup

Soy Vanilla Chocolate Chip

Soy Ultimate Oreo

Carrot Mango Sorbet

Raspberry Lemon Sorbet

Lemon Sorbet

ice cream sundae

The Ultimate Deep Dish Cookie Sundae

This sundae will make all other desserts seem like sub-par snacks.

We start with your choice of our favorite indulgent deep dish cookie.  Then pick from our 10 tasty flavors of ice cream, and the real fun begins…  We have hot fudge and warm caramel pumps, whipped cream, and over 50 toppings to choose from!  Everything from Gummy Bears to Brownie Bites, and M&M’s to cookie dough!

The Bake Shake

Irresistably Delicious & Thick

An incredible combination of a thick creamy milkshake and our deliciously soft cookies, the “Bake Shake” features a chopped up cookie, spun into an extra thick milkshake. It is then poured into a glass drizzled with a corresponding sauce, topped with whipped cream, and sprinkled with more toppings.  Eat it with a straw, or eat it with a spoon, it’s just like dipping a cookie in a nice big glass of milk!


Pick your ice cream, pick your cookie, pick your toppings!  Or choose from our menu of indulgent creations.

ice cream shake
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